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To read the Montana Wood Products Association 2023 Year-In-Review click HERE.

Strong Advocacy

We maintain a leadership role at the state and national levels regarding the development and
implementation of policies that positively impact our business and natural resource environment.

Helena Montana State Capitol
Lumber Products

Monitor State & Federal Timber Sale Programs

We work to increase log/fiber supply through programs such as the Sustained Yield Calculation, the
Forest Action Plan, the Good Neighbor Authority, Shared Stewardship, and the Infrastructure Law.

Maintain Strong Public Relations

Through messaging, communication, and outreach we are a premier source of information on forest industry issues. We work with landowner groups to ensure they have the support needed to keep private forestlands a part of Montana’s timber supply.

Participate In Industry Roundtables and Committees

We participate in the Forest Products Retention Roundtable, the Montana Forest Collaboration
Network, the Congressional Timber Task, and the Federal Forest Resource Coalition, to name a few.

Maintain Strong Industry Relations

We engage with Montana’s Board of Land Commissioners, the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, the Department of Environmental Quality, and other industry leaders across the West.

Missoula Timber Tour

Maintain Strong Media Relations

We keep the public informed of issues important to our industry, through guest editorials, local,
regional, and national publications and provide presentations regarding our industry upon request.

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