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MWPA Foundation

Al Kington

Professional Forester and Lifetime MWPA Member

Upon the passing of Al Kington, professional forester and lifetime Montana Wood Products Association member, our Association established scholarships based on the principles to which Al dedicated his career and life’s passion. The promotion of active forest management and preserving Montana’s wood products industry were key issues that motivated our friend and colleague. Montana will miss him. We hope to continue his legacy through the MWPA Foundation. Please consider a donation in Al's name or in memorial of someone else you'd like to honor. Donations fund scholarships for students wanting to enter the forest management field.

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Al Kingston and Wife

The Montana Wood Products Association Foundation (MWPA Foundation) was established in 2022


To help recruit, train, educate and retain a viable and sustainable workforce in the support of Montana’s forest
management and the timber industry. The MWPA Foundation programs and funding opportunities
are established and overseen by an elected Board of Directors.

It can be hard to make an informed choice about where and how to support the growth and retention of
Montana’s forest products industry. You could donate directly to educational programs that train our
workforce or find a philanthropic channel you can trust, while at the same time making a connection
with a cause that’s close to your heart. Therefore, donating to the MWPA Foundation delivers tangible
benefits to the cause you wish to support and values you can relate to. 

The MWPA Foundation Does the Work for You

One of the biggest benefits of working with a registered foundation is that you are alleviated from the
the burden of finding a trusted way to support your interests. With that work out of the way, you’ll find
peace of mind that your contribution is going to efforts that help to recruit, train, educate, and retain a
viable workforce into the future and offers opportunities that support the active management of
Montana’s forests.

The MWPA Foundation Provides a Sense of Community

When you donate to a registered foundation, you don’t just drop a check in the mail or donate on our
website and be done with it, unless that’s what you want. We offer updates via a newsletter, on social
networks, through additional points of contact, and on the Montana Wood Products Association website.

Tax Benefits

The MWPA Foundation is a 501(c)(3). Your contribution is a tax-deductible benefit that can be applied
to your taxes at fiscal yearend.

The MWPA Foundation will provide you with a receipt that you simply provide to your accountant, and
they’ll take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

Fall 2023 Forest Management Scholarship Recipient.
Fall 2023 Trade School Scholarship Recipient.
Spring 2024 Forest Management Scholarship Recipient.
Spring 2024 Trade School Scholarship Recipient.
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